Our Price List  (from 1st April 2022)

Please contact Jane at Pet Assist for a package price on 07792847171.

Home Visits Service

We can provide care for a vast array of pets in your own home from cats, dogs & puppy care, to hamsters, rabbits, tortoise, bearded dragons, chickens and donkeys and horses. Whether you’re out working, disabled or going away on holiday, or are here on holiday we at Pet Assist Animal Care are here to help.  Be it one-off jobs or regular jobs, home visits which you require, caravan visits or boarding at our premises for your small furry or feathered friends. We offer your pets a lot of love at all times (Please note we cannot board cats or dogs).

We do not offer ‘live in’ as such, but we can stay over the odd night or couple of nights or weekend. You can mix and match petsitting, pop-in visits, and overnight sleepover to make up a 24 hour period.  Please note we do not live in.  

 Or you can ring me to discuss and I will try to work out a package to suit.

During our first year of business, we were members of Pet Sitters Alliance who fully checked us out and insured us.  We are now fully insured through an alternative comprehensive insurance company (copies of our policy can be seen as requested).

We only advertise through some site platforms such as, by signs on our car and at our premises, on our Facebook page and through our website.  We rarely need to advertise in newspapers as we usually work on recommendations from our valued customers.  Please see our Face book page for more reviews by our customers and our review page on this website located above on the menu.

We offer a free, no-obligation assessment before care commences to ensure we meet the needs of your pet, this is when we collect keys, fill in paperwork and collect deposits or payments. As you can see from the price list we offer value for money and our prices are very competitive. Also, discounts may be available depending on the number of pets and the duration booked.


Pop-in visits to your home ( cats, dogs etc    1-3 pets approx) 15 minutes

£10.00 Pop-in individual visit

£18.00*  2 visits a day

£24.00  3 visits a day

£18.00 per hour  


Pet sitting in your home

£18.00 per hour pet sitting

£26.00 *overnight stay (when booking in conjunction with visits during the day)

£35.00 * overnight stay stand-alone price

  • Prices showing a * are already discounted prices and therefore any other discounts or promotional offers will not apply.
  • When requiring care for a dog or cat for long periods like a day and night, or weekend we recommend combining pop-in visits or hourly visits with an overnight stay if required.  This works well when a dog is comfortable with being left for a maximum period of 4 hours alone, but not suitable for dogs who need someone with them for 24 hours a day.
  • Pop-in visits are for 15 mins in duration and can be booked as many times as required or mixed with hourly visits.
  •  If we have to travel more than three miles then a fuel charge may apply, or calls of an hour are recommended. 
  • A premium may be added for calls before 9am and after 6pm, 


Bespoke dog walking

£10.00 for 30 minutes (1st dog)          * £4.00 per extra dog

£18.00 an hour walk (1st dog)                  * £6.00 per extra dog

  • Dogs are walked individually, or with others from the same household unless specifically requested to be walked with more other dogs.
  • If the dog to be walked is a huge breed (example Great Dane), or a strong dog with behaviour problems, then a supplement may be added.
  • For regular dog walks full payment is due at the start of the walking week. If cancelled, you will still be charged for the full week booked.
  • One-off dog walking bookings can be cancelled or re-arranged, but if less then 24 hours’ notice is given you will still be charged for that day. Cash payment can be left for us on our arrival


Please note – Bank Holidays and Important exclusive days (applies to visits and dog walking):

    • Please note – we do not give refunds for cancelling any care 
    • Prices above do not include general Bank Holidays, which are usually charged at double time (Subject to the number of days booked & prices can be discussed).  
    • Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day may be charged at treble time.  However, if you book a week of visits or more, or multiple visits each day, this may be reduced to double time, or even less in some circumstances. (Please discuss with Jane). We only have a limited amount of spaces on peak days like Christmas day.  Generally, we operate on a first-come-first-served basis, but will always try to accommodate regular customers.
    • Pfor early or late visits a premiums may be added for visits before  9am or after 6pm. All this is at our discretion depending and dependant on how many visits you book and on times required. If you are booking a lot of days or have multiple pets needing care, then this can be discussed.  This would be agreed before care commences and never sprung on you afterwards.


Boarding prices

We can board small furry animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas etc as well as birds, tortoise and bearded dragons. Cages and vivariums are not provided so you will have to provide this along with bedding, food for the duration.

Alternatively, you can use one of our indoor guinea pig/rabbit cages or hutches (subject to availability), which meet RWAF recommendations. The house and garden areas are enclosed, safe & secure. Our new purpose-built exercise area is dig and fox proof, with a fully meshed roof. 


1 rabbit – £8.00 per rabbit per hutch

2 rabbits (bonded pair) – £9.00 sharing same hutch

1-2 small birds – £7.50 for the two birds sharing cage – 

Larger birds (African Grey size) – £8.00 per bird per cage

Huge birds £10.00 per bird per day

1 guinea pig – £7.00 per cage

2 guinea pigs – £8.00 for the two sharing cage

3 guinea pigs – £9.00 for three sharing one cage per day

Chinchillas 1-2 per cage – £7.50

Rats 1-2 per cage £7.50

Tortoise (heated viv/table) – £6.00 per viv

Bearded dragon (heated viv) – £6.00 per viv

Geckos (non-heated) – £4.50 per viv

Hamsters, mice etc per cage – £4.00 sharing same cage

Please note: (for boarding)

  • We DO NOT BOARD DOGS, or run day care for dogs We can offer pet sitting at your home, hotel or caravan though at our hourly rate.
  • If your rabbits or guinea pigs need an additional separate cage, a sur-charge of £4 per extra cage is payable on top of above fees per day.
  • If there are more than 2 rats or 2 small birds sharing cages –  a surcharge of £1 per extra pet, per day  is added to above prices per day.
  • Pets can come in their own indoor cages
  • We have outdoor hutches available (subject to availability), which meet RWAF recommendations, or we have some indoor rabbit/guinea pig cages FREE to use.
  • Our hutches and cages are FREE to use, however, £2 charge may be made for bedding if the bedding is not provided for both indoor and outdoor cages/hutches.
  • Indoor pets receive exercise time usually at feed times and when we clean them out.
  • Owners provide food and veg, hay and bedding for the duration, or leave a cash float
  • Flexible drop off and collection times. Pick up and drop off service available at £5.50 each way (within 3 miles radious).
  • General Bank holidays are usually charged at double time, dependent on if you are boarding multiple pets, or if boarding longer than 14 days.
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day are charged at treble time.  However, in some circumstances, a discount may be available at our discretion, depending on number of days booked etc.
  • Rabbits must be vaccinated against Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD 1 or 2) & Myxomatosis, (Preferably given 3 weeks prior to boarding, for maximum effect.
  • Vivarium’s or bird cages are not provided. Spare bulbs or heat mats are advisable.



Pet Taxi

to or from vets, kennels etc.  Please ask for a quote


General Points:

  • Prices are based on within an approximate radius of 3 miles – petrol prices may be added depending on distance travelled, office to job or job to job and travel time.  For visits of 5 miles or more we would suggest booking the minimum time of an hour  if possible.  This can be discussed at assessment if it applies.
  • Full payment secures your pets place in the diary.   Full payment is due before the commencement of care. This payment is non-refundable if the booking is cancelled, or cancelled during that care week. Any payments for bookings made in advance of the commencement of care when cancelled, can be re-arranged within 6 months of the original booking start date. 
  • Please note – we do not give refunds for cancelling any care booked over the festive period.
  • Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing day and New Years Day may be charged at treble time. However, if you book a week of visits or more, or multiple visits each day, treble time may be reduced to double time, or even less in some circumstances.  We only have a limited amount of spaces on  peak times like Christmas day. Generally, we operate on a first-come-first-served basis, but will always try to accommodate regular customers.