Dogs Home Visits Service

Dogs Home Visits Service

We provide a Home Visits Service to cater for all your dogs needs.

Pop-in visits – This can be a number of Pop-in visits, which are up to 30 minutes in duration and can be to let your dog out into the garden, feed your dog, or to stroke or play with your dog or puppy. Pease see our price lists for Pop-in 1 visit per day, Pop-in 2 visits per day, or Pop-in 3 visits a day.

Pet sitting – Our Dog Sitting Service is a happy alternative to kennels. We can sit for as many dogs as you like as long as they are manageable. You can book as many hours as you need and this service is priced on an hourly basis. We can sit any time of day, or evening. While there, we can feed, play with or toilet your dog.

Night sleeper – We also offer over night care, which is reasonably priced, and works well if booked in conjunction with visits during the day.

24 hour break packages – Sometimes people book a combination of Pop-ins, Pet sitting and Night sleeps if they want to go away for 24 or 48 hours. For example 8am hour walk £15.00, lunch time Pop-in and 3pm Pop in, 6pm Pop-in £19.50 10pm-8am Night sleep £22.00 total for 24 hour period £56.50. This can work for one – three days, but isn’t appropriate for longer term care, as it would be okay for cats, dogs tend to need people around them much more.

A happy alternative to kennels

Having these visits can ensure your pet care stays within his/her routine, while you are at work or away.

By being at home in familiar surroundings the dog is more likely to be settled, happy and readily accept visits from us.

We can provide that essential companionship, care and fun your dogs need.  This may also include giving any medication that is prescribed by a vet, or cleaning their exercise area

Dogs prefer to relax in their own homes rather than in boarding kennels. When away from their own environment they can become stressed and withdrawn. Especially dogs that have previously been ill-treated, rescued and then re-homed. Also by staying in their own home they are at less risk of picking up kennel cough, fleas etc.

We do not provide boarding facilities for dogs, as I have my own cats and dogs at home. (However, should prefer to homeboard your dog my mother is licensed and provides this, subject to your dog able to mix with other dogs,  and if she has availability.

If you have multiple animals, the services we offer can work out cheaper than kennels.

Having a pet sitter in your own home also gives you added security, while you are away.