Home visits and dog walking prices and offers 2

Home Visits Service (Prices from 1st April 2020)

Pop-in visits to your home  (cats, dogs etc 1-3 pets approx)

  • Pop-in visits are up to half an hour in duration and can be booked as many times as required or mixed with hourly pet sitting visits.  However, if we have to travel more than 3 miles then a fuel charge may apply, or calls of an hour recommended.
  • A premium may be added for calls before 9am or after 7pm..

£9.00 pop-in individual visit

£16.00*   2 pop-in visits, per day

£21.00*  3 or more pop-in visits, per day)

£16.00 per one hour visit

Pet sitting in your own home

£16.00 per hour pet sitting

£26.00* Overnight stay (when booking in conjunction with daily visits

£35.00  Overnight stay (stand-alone price)

  • When requiring care for a dog or cat for long periods like a day and a night, or weekend we recommend combining pop-in visit or hourly visits with an overnight stay if required.  This works well when a dog is comfortable with being left for a maximum of 4 hours alone, but not suitable for dogs who need someone there 24hours a day.
  • If we have to travel over 3 miles, then an hour visit is recommended.

Bespoke Dog walking

£9.00 half-hour walk (1st dog) *£4.00 per extra dog

£16.00 hour-walk (1st dog) *£6.00 per extra dog

  • *Already discounted rates
  • Dogs are walked individually or with others from the same household.  If you would like your dog to be walked with other dogs, then this can be arranged.
  • If the dog to be walked is larger than a retriever, or a strong dog with behaviour problems, then a £8.00 supplement will be added.
  • Dog walking that is booked regularly each week, payments are due in full, for the week on the first day of the walking week.
  • Occasional Dog Walks can be paid by leaving the cash for us when we arrive or paid directly into our bank account. These walks can be cancelled or re-arranged, but 24 hours notice is required. If less than 24 hours notice is given you will still be charged for that day.

Please note:

  • When booking in advance full payment is due before care starts to secure your pets place in the diary.  If a booking is cancelled within 14 days of the booking start, no refunds are given. This is because when your pet is booked in the diary, there are only limited spaces, and while your pet is booked in, we could have turned away other customers for that space we were keeping for you.

Bank Holidays and Important exclusive days:

  • Please note – we do not give refunds for cancelling any care booked over the festive period.
  • Prices above do not include Bank Holidays, which are usually charged at double time (Subject to the number of days booked & prices are negotiable with Jane & at her discretion).
  • Christmas Eve, New Year’s day & New Year’s Eve, are usually charged at double time.  
  • Christmas Day and Boxing day may be charged at treble time if booked last minute or booked as a one-off. However, if you book a week of visits or more, or multiple visits each day, treble time may be reduced to double time, or even less in some circumstances. For example, if your a regular customer, or you book large or regular bookings and there are multiple bank holidays. We only have a limited amount of spaces on exclusive days like Christmas day, and we need to see our families too. Generally, we operate on a first-come-first-served basis, but will always try to accommodate regular customers.
  • Premiums may be added for visits before  9am or after 7pm (all this is at our discretion depending on how many days booked and on times required. If you book a lot of days or have multiple pets we do take this into consideration). This would be agreed before care commences and never sprung on you afterwards. 

To make a booking please contact Jane 07792847171. 

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2 thoughts on “Home visits and dog walking prices and offers

  • Julie Roberts

    Hi , we have a holiday let in Filey and come often with our cockapoo. Sometimes we like to go out for the day without her and are looking for a reliable person to come over and sit with her and lead walk her for 2/3 hours per visit. Is this something you can do? Thanks Julie

    • zeon989187584 Post author

      Hi sorry I didnt see your post as I dont normally get them on the website. Yes we can do that no problem. We charge £14 per hour which is increasing to £15 per hour from May 18.
      If booking an hour or less then we would charge fuel at 0.45p per mile, and maybe travel time.
      If booking 2/3 hours it would be £14 per hour or £15 after May, and we wouldnt charge extra for fuel or travel time with you booking longer.
      If you want to book please text, phone 07792847171 so I dont miss your communication, or email me at janeminder@hotmail.com